Hello, Boozehounds.

You’re probably here because you innocently looked up a cocktail recipe, or you thought this was a CoOl LiFeStYLe BlOg about Berlin, or my mom sent you a link to the site and you kindly actually visited. Regardless, you’re here now, so hi! Welcome! Let’s get weird (in a drinking-responsibly, going-to-bed-at-9:30 weird kind of way, not a party-hearty, no-sleep-till-Brooklyn kind of way. Those days are behind us. There are other blogs for that kind of thing).

My name is Anne and I live in Berlin, Germany. I earned an MSc in Brewing & Distilling from Heriot-Watt University in 2014. My thesis focused on gin recipe development with specialized analysis into the physical & chemical properties of sea buckthorn berries, with a final evaluation of recipe proportion changes from laboratory experiments to commercial production by a new-start distillery in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is a flowery way to say that I spent several months creating, drinking, and talking about gin, which was pretty great tbh.

Currently, I like to drink, draw, and drink while drawing. I like Boulevardiers in the winter and Margaritas in the summer. My favorite beer is Augustiner Helles, cold from the späti. My favorite type of wine is dry, red, and preferably cheap. My favorite type of dog is the pug, but I do not discriminate.

I love to talk about alcohol culture, trends, and flavor development. Leave a comment if you’d like to chat about booze. Cheers!